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The New Year is already underway, and some of us are coming up against the fact that resolutions are hard to keep. If you, like so many of us, resolved to get healthier in the New Year, the opportunities to slip up have already come along. If you pledged to exercise every day, it’s likely that one of these January days has gotten in the way of your resolution. If you set a diet or nutrition plan, it’s possible that the tray of sweets or junk food derailed you momentarily from your intention to get healthy. Other kinds of health resolutions can be difficult to maintain as well. If you pledged to get more sleep, drink more water, or meditate for metal health, even a couple weeks can make the perfect expectations of a “resolution” difficult to keep. Rather than setting a rule for yourself, how about developing a healthy lifestyle? Gradual changes tend to be longer lasting, and habits die hard. If you set a healthy resolution for yourself this new year, it is important to remember that each step in the direction of holistic health is progress in the right direction.

Resolve to Look After your Hearing Health

Although many of the resolutions for practicing healthy habits can be difficult to keep, one health resolution may have slipped by you: hearing health. Although our hearing is important to daily functioning, we tend to forget that our behaviors have an effect on whether or not we can preserve our hearing into the future. If we can change our outlook to include hearing health as one feature of a well-rounded healthy lifestyle, the future just might hold more ease and comfort. Resolving to preserve your hearing in 2019 can take many forms, such as wearing hearing protection, avoiding unnecessarily noisy environments, or limiting very loud use of earbuds or headphones. One other feature of your hearing health plan is a resolution that is easy to keep: scheduling an annual hearing test.

Baseline Hearing Test

You might wonder why it is necessary or advisable to have your hearing checked every year. First of all, it is crucial to have a baseline hearing assessment as soon as possible. This exam, whether or not you believe you have suffered from hearing loss, is used to set the starting level of hearing ability. Even those who feel they do not have any hearing trouble still benefit from a baseline hearing test. Particularly those who are at risk of hearing damage due to loud work or leisure activities should consider getting a test right away. The results of this exam will vary from person to person, and every individual hearing profile is somewhat different. This baseline exam is important information for your audiologist or hearing professional moving forward, making it possible to track your progress and the way your personal spectrum of hearing has changed over time.

Gradual Hearing Loss

Another reason that an annual hearing test is important is the gradual nature of hearing loss. Although some people suffer from a single traumatic incident that causes immediate hearing loss, it is much more common to experience gradual hearing loss over time. Although you might feel like your hearing is the same as it was last year, subtle changes might be limiting your hearing. The sooner you can identify, treat, and assist hearing loss, the sooner you can avoid the many detrimental effects it can bring. A slight change in your hearing profile might go unnoticed right now, but you will be surprised to find how much hearing assistance can change your everyday experience in the world.

A Resolution You Can Keep

One of the great things about a New Year’s resolution to get an annual hearing test is that you can check it off your list with ease! Exercise, healthy eating, and other ongoing lifestyle changes are a serious challenge, but with a single trip to Preferred Hearing Centers you can achieve a New Year’s resolution to get an annual exam. This hearing test will point you in the right direction of a future with healthy hearing, and the accompanying benefits are myriad. Don’t delay in keeping the easiest resolution: call us today to schedule a hearing test!

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I cannot say enough excellent things about Jaycee and Barbara at Preferred Hearing. The staff is so kind and Jaycee took a lot of time with me to be sure I understood every test and reviewing all my options for hearing devices. I’ve only had my hearing aids one week, but it’s been a life changing week! Best decision I ever made coming to Preferred Hearing. (I am 80 years young again) - Mary Ann A. mary ann a review

Great team at the Winter Springs office. Knowledgeable, professional, friendly, outgoing and that's just the beginning. Barbara at the front desk is a sweetheart. Jaysee is THE professional you want to adjust your hearing aids. He can translate your hearing issues into adjustments that work. Highly recommend this group Hearing Professionals.

- Thomas K.
thomas k review

I was impressed with the great detail of the hearing examination. I was a little skeptical about hearing aids but the staff is very professional and very experienced. I purchased a great set of hearing aids that have changed my life so I can hear so much better! They did not try to upsell me or sell me a pair that was extra expensive. They only showed me what I needed for my hearing aids. I highly recommend Preferred Hearing Centers!

- Hank K.
hank review

I had been with another hearing center and was not getting help with my profound hearing loss. In a last try I went to Preferred Hearing. The hearing testtng was more extensive than Florida Hospital audiologist! My problem was documented and corrected with streaming bluetooth hearing aids. It has made my life so much more fun again. I can watch TV with other humans without the volume blowing them out of the room. I can go to dinner with friends and hear them talking. Highly recommend to anyone with hearing loss!

- Alexis G.
alexis g review

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