Yes! That is the plain and straightforward answer. Everyone should visit a Hearing Care Provider yearly to evaluate their hearing health. The test is easy and painless and may help you to identify possible hearing loss and even prevent it. This being said, I am sure that you’re not able to go and see your local Hearing Care Provider right this minute. So, I would like to go over with you some of the signs of hearing loss and how scheduling a hearing test can benefit your overall health.

The typical signs of a hearing loss include:

Difficulty Hearing

Okay, this one may seem obvious, but that is why it’s often overlooked! Hearing loss does not usually happen quickly, and so hearing may become more and more difficult over time, but the struggle will be less apparent because it is gradual. If you find yourself needing to turn up the volume higher and higher on the television or are having more and more trouble understanding what your soft-spoken friend is saying, it may be time to schedule a hearing test.

Your Ears Feel Clogged

Any change in the way your ears feel can be an indicator of some sort of hearing loss or issue. Because it is nearly impossible to look inside your own ear, make an appointment with your Hearing Care Provider so they can investigate further.

You Avoid Social Situations

Many people who struggle with a hearing loss tend to avoid social situations because of the potential miscommunications and frustrations that may occur because of their difficulty hearing. If social gatherings are stressful for you because you’re worried you won’t be able to hear things clearly, it may be time to talk to someone about it.

You Feel Irritable and Tired

Navigating daily life in today’s fast-paced world can be tiring enough, and not being able to hear properly can only add to the stress. It is essential to recognize that mental and physical health go hand-in-hand, and when one is suffering, the other is usually not far behind.

But How Can a Hearing Test Help?

Well, I’m glad you asked! A hearing test can help to identify whether or not you are experiencing a hearing loss and is the first step on the road to healthy hearing if you are. By completing a hearing test, your Hearing Care Provider can collect information vital to creating the best treatment plan for you. At Preferred Hearing Centers, we specialize in creating thoughtful and appropriate treatment plans that are tailored to each patient’s individual needs. Call and make an appointment today!

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Mark D. Johnson, HAS, BC-HIS, A.C.A.

Mark began his career in the hearing healthcare field in 1993 with a major hearing aid/care provider. He opened his own practice in 1994 in Orlando, Fl.  In 1995, he became board-certified, and through continued training received his A.C.A. credentialing as a certified audioprosthologist in 1997. He has conducted many hearing educational workshops, both for professionals and for the general public, and trained many individuals in the hearing healthcare field.