Your hearing aid stays with you all day long and plays an active role in helping you to engage in conversations and the world around you.

While it is expected to last for many years, there is a certain level of maintenance required to ensure you are getting the most out of your device.

Due to your devices’ nature sitting inside your ear, they encounter all kinds of sweat, ear wax, and debris, which can cause the performance of your device to decline over time.

A simple clean & check at Preferred Hearing Centers is the best thing you can do to maintain your device’s longevity and performance, ensuring your hearing is prioritized.

What Is Included In A Clean & Check?

At Preferred Hearing Centers, we schedule all of our patients every four months for a check-up.

This allows us to follow an in-depth procedure looking into your hearing aid, make adjustments, and offer you an opportunity to voice any of your concerns.

During your appointment, the first thing we will do is inspect your ears and remove any earwax. This is particularly important as a simple build-up of wax could be the reason for your hearing loss.

Next, we will give a thorough clean of your device, vacuuming the microphones and receiver end, ensuring we eliminate any stubborn debris or wax.

Using our range of expert equipment, we insert the entire hearing aid into a high-pressure vacuum chamber for 10 minutes to draw out any internal moisture.

Then, we will replace the wax guards, TIC rubber tips, and retention string to ensure your hearing aid is back to brand-new condition.

Reprogramming and Updates

As you get more used to your hearing aid, you may find that you notice certain changes in your hearing.

To overcome this, we regularly retest your hearing every 12-18 months, making sure to program your device to accommodate any differences.

We will also check for any manufacturer firmware updates and download them onto your device to ensure you are always up to date.

The most important advice we can give to any hearing aid users besides getting a clean and check is to wear your hearing aids full time every day (except when you are sleeping or bathing).

This ensures you get adequate and continual auditory stimulation to your ears and brain, preventing your hearing from deteriorating.

What Devices Can We Clean & Check?

Our experienced team of experts can clean and check on all types of devices and have seen the many changes in technology over the years.

A few brands have restricted access to programming, but we will always try to find a solution.

For non-patients, a simple clean & check is $35, a marginal investment compared to the future hearing aid repairs you will be expected to pay if your device breaks.

The best part about our service is that we are available within 48 hours, so you will never have to endure long-waiting lists to be seen.

Schedule a Clean & Check Today!

With all that in mind, the next step is to schedule a clean and check with one of our experts.

Not only does it allow us to fully clean and inspect your device, but it allows us to pick up on any manufacturer issues early. You may not even realize that there is something wrong with your device!

If you or a loved one is an existing hearing aid wearer and would like to schedule a professional hearing aid clean & check, then you can request a callback here.

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Mark D. Johnson, HAS, BC-HIS, A.C.A.

Mark began his career in the hearing healthcare field in 1993 with a major hearing aid/care provider. He opened his own practice in 1994 in Orlando, Fl.  In 1995, he became board-certified, and through continued training received his A.C.A. credentialing as a certified audioprosthologist in 1997. He has conducted many hearing educational workshops, both for professionals and for the general public, and trained many individuals in the hearing healthcare field.