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Hearing Aid Measurements in Orlando Explained by Our Hearing Aid Specialists

According to our 5-star-rated Hearing Aid Specialists, recent studies on hearing aid use have made an astounding discovery. Although hearing aid technology has improved significantly in the last decade, hearing instrument user satisfaction has not increased at the same rate! If you wear hearing aids or are thinking of pursuing hearing loss rehabilitation, this may be the most important article you read all year! Keep reading to learn how to ensure an exceptional hearing aid experience for yourself with our hearing aid measurements in Orlando.

What Is Wrong with Today’s Hearing Aids?

Reports published by Hearing Review and the Hearing Journal indicate that 48 million people in the United States suffer from some type of hearing loss. Of those people with significant hearing loss, 25% already own hearing instruments, and the majority of these owners experience moderate-to-severe hearing loss.

More than one million of these patients are not satisfied with their hearing instruments and confess to leaving them “in the drawer.” If hearing instrument technology and design have improved, why are people not having an improved experience?

Key factors expressed for user dissatisfaction include:

  • Not enough benefit
  • Poor fit
  • Unacceptable discomfort
  • Unsatisfactory performance with background noise

How to Improve Your Hearing Aid Experience

Our goal at Preferred Hearing Centers is to help our patients achieve the most benefit possible from their hearing instruments. Studies have shown that if a specialist adjusts your hearing aid solely based upon the manufacturer’s fitting algorithm, without proper testing, it may result in an inaccurate hearing prescription. Studies found that these initial-fit algorithms are often an inadequate amplification prescription, and research in England showed improvement in patient satisfaction when patients were fit with their correct measurement.

The only way to truly account for individual ear differences is for our Hearing Aid Specialists to take an exact measurement of how your hearing aid is amplifying sound in the specific ear canal. This is the go-to method for achieving a proper hearing aid fit.

Experience Custom Hearing Aid Measurements in Orlando Today!

At Preferred Hearing Centers, we use the most advanced equipment on the market to measure our patients who use hearing instruments. Custom testing enables measurement of the sound delivered by a specific hearing aid in the ear canal of a specific individual. If you are interested in having an optimal hearing experience, our method provides accurate information to fit your hearing aid. Schedule a free, no-obligation appointment today for more information!

The information provided in this article is not meant to be medical advice and is for educational purposes only. If you would like to learn more about this and other topics related to hearing loss, feel free to contact Preferred Hearing Centers by calling 407-668-4546 to reach our hearing center in East Orlando, 407-855-9799 to reach our hearing center in South Orlando, or 407-637-5891 to reach our hearing center in Winter Springs. You may also reach us by clicking here.