Hearing Services

Hearing Tests

Hearing tests are the first step to better hearing health. Changes in your hearing may be gradual, and because hearing is invisible, you may not at first notice. A hearing test identifies your current hearing abilities and indicates to a hearing professional whether you need treatment.

Hearing tests are painless and noninvasive. At Preferred Hearing Centers, a hearing evaluation consists of several steps: consultation, physical examination of ear, ear canal, and eardrum, and then a series of tests to check your hearing abilities for each ear.

The results are recorded in an audiogram, a visual representation of your current hearing abilities and the configuration of hearing loss if it is present. From these results, your hearing professional at Preferred Hearing Centers will determine with you the best next steps for your hearing health.

LACE Auditory Rehabilitation

LACE stands for Listening and Communication Enhancement. Often, with hearing loss, people may struggle to fill in the gaps of verbal communication. LACE was developed by audiologists at the University of California – San Francisco and implemented by Silicon Valley software veterans. The program helps to re-train the brain to comprehend speech up to 40% better in difficult listening situations such as; noisy restaurants, rapid speakers, or competing speakers. In the same way that physical therapy helps rebuild muscles after physical injury, LACE assists those who experiences hearing loss to develop skills and strategies to enhance their hearing.

Hearing Aid Fittings & Adjustments

Hearing aids are the most common mode of treatment for hearing loss. Hearing aids are designed to amplify sound and deliver clear audio signals to be registered as sound. These sophisticated instruments are a great investment, as they help to reconnect those with hearing loss to their loved ones and many other areas of their lives.

Whether you are new to hearing aids, or a seasoned hearing aid wearer, you’ll find that periodically we need to make adjustments to your hearing aids. For your initial hearing aid fitting, we’ll work with you until we ensure the most comfortable and beneficial fit for you. We also provide ongoing 4 month hearing aid cleanings and checkups to ensure that your hearing aids continue to function properly and serve your hearing needs.

These on-going checkups also allow us to monitor your hearing, as hearing levels may change even with the use of hearing aids. This will indicate whether it is time to update your hearing aids to meet your changing hearing needs.

We offer hearing aids in Orlando and Winter Springs

Hearing Aid Repairs & Maintenance

Though they are powerful and well-constructed, hearing aids will still need routine maintenance, and may occasionally require repair.

Moisture is the natural enemy of hearing aids. When you receive your first pair of hearing aids, we’ll instruct you on how to care for your hearing aids, and how to store them to ensure their safety. Dehumidifying units are also available to remove moisture. Even with daily care, your hearing aids may sometimes need more extensive repair. For these instances, we ask that you bring your hearing aids into Preferred Hearing Centers.

Our hearing professionals are trained to repair hearing aids, which are often quite sensitive. If further repairs are necessary, we may have to send them on to the manufacturer. It is better if you do not attempt to make major repairs on your own.

On-going maintenance is also an important part of hearing aid care. At Preferred Hearing Centers, we offer hearing aid maintenance to ensure that they are working in top form.