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Are you struggling to hear in conversations? Can you hear your grandkids playing in the yard, or catch the telephone ringing? If you’ve been having a lot more misunderstandings recently, and are missing more and more words, then the sad reality is that your hearing is deteriorating. As hearing loss continues to get worse, missing a few words here and there will soon be the least of your worries. Hearing loss affects your ability to communicate, and often leads to feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Better Speech and Hearing Month

May is Better Speech and Hearing Month! Every year, the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) dedicates an entire month to raising awareness about communication disorders, such as hearing loss, that affect speech, hearing, and language. They educate people on the dangers of living with untreated hearing loss, and provide information about audiologists, speech pathologists, and other professionals who work with communication disorders. The theme for this year is Communication for All, and we want to do our part in helping you hear better, both this month and in the future.

Communication Starts to Suffer

When you have hearing loss, it doesn’t take long before communication starts to suffer. It begins with the little things that you barely notice. You don’t hear your friend calling you from another room, and you don’t hear your phone ringing unless it’s beside you. Soon, you start missing words here and there, and struggle to understand when your spouse is excited about something or talking quickly. As you’re straining just to hear the sounds, you often miss the meaning behind the words, and get lost easily. You used to love talking to friends and loved ones, but now communicating has become frustrating for everyone and it’s easier not to say anything at all. Before long you’ll have trouble keeping up with conversations, particularly in group settings or in places with a lot of background noise, and you’ll feel exhausted from struggling to hear.

When you can’t hear, communication becomes almost impossible. It feels like your friends are always yelling at you, but you still can’t understand what they’re saying. You ask them to repeat themselves or interrupt for clarification, but you can only do that so many times before everyone gets exasperated and gives up.

Hearing Loss Creates Isolation

Living in a world where you can’t communicate is extremely isolating. Imagine moving to a country where no one speaks your language, and you can get a sense for how it feels to live with hearing loss. Countless studies have shown that those with hearing loss are far more likely to feel anxiety and depression, and often chose to stay home rather than face the embarrassment of not being able to follow all the conversations happening around them. With lots of background noise, and many conversations all happening at once, it’s nearly impossible to understand anything.

It’s no wonder that so those with hearing loss often chose to stay within the comfort of their own home rather than interact with larger groups. Even meeting close friends is a struggle, and meeting new people causes far too much anxiety since you can’t make a good first impression if you always miss what’s being said. Those with hearing loss often end up feeling like the outsider, even among friends, and start to feel isolated and alone, or even depressed.

Are You Ready to Connect?

If you’re ready to leave your living room behind, and break out of social isolation, then its time to treat your hearing loss. You’ll be amazed at the difference a quality pair of hearing devices will make, allowing you to follow conversations, hear clearly, and never have to choose to stay home rather than meeting friends at the new restaurant across town.

Only 20% of those who need hearing aids actually wear them! Don’t be part of this statistic, but visit us at Preferred Hearing Centers to participate in Better Speech and Hearing Month to do the right thing for your mental, emotional, and hearing health. Wearing Hearing aids reduces depression, increases social activity, fosters self-confidence, and reestablishes independence. We’re here to help you pick the perfect device that will get you back to communicating.