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With over 50,000 patients helped since 1992, we have received numerous reviews of Preferred Hearing Centers praising our friendly atmosphere, compassionate Hearing Aid Specialists, and state-of-the-art hearing rehabilitation. Take a look at what our patients have to say about their experiences at our hearing center.

“Diane was extremely caring and helpful. I love my new hearing devices. She was very instrumental in helping me find a program to make it affordable and possible for me. I didn’t even know they made rechargeable hearing devices, no need for batteries! I am a teacher and it is imperative to be able to understand the children. I have already recommended them to two people. Thankyou Preferred Hearing Center and a big shout out to Diane!”

– Melanie D. 
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“I cannot say enough excellent things about Jaycee and Barbara at Preferred Hearing. The hearing exam received was more thorough and extensive than I’ve ever had. The staff is so kind and Jaycee took a lot of time with me to be sure I understood every test and reviewing all my options for heating devices. I’ve only had my hearing aids one week, but it’s been a life changing week! I enjoyed HEARING in church, my grandchildren at lunch and even at a volleyball game. My family is enjoying not repeating themselves or shouting over the television. Best decision I ever made coming to Preferred Hearing. (I am 80 years young again)”

– Mary Ann A.
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“Great team at the Winter Springs office. Knowledgeable, professional, friendly, outgoing and that’s just the beginning. Barbara at the front desk is a sweetheart. Jaysee is THE professional you want to adjust your hearing aids. He can translate your hearing issues into adjustments that work. Highly recommend this group of Hearing Professionals.”

– Thomas K.
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“I am a Patient of Dr. Johnson for 2 years. Right from the start I was impressed with his professionalism and service. The Dr. has made excellent recommendations on equipment. I am extremely satisfied and highly recommend him.”

– Ray B.
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“I was impressed with the great detail of the hearing examination. I was a little skeptical about hearing aids but the staff is very professional and very experienced. I purchased a great set of hearing aids that have changed my life so I can hear so much better! They did not try to upsell me or sell me a pair that was extra expensive. They only showed me what I needed for my hearing aids. I highly recommend Preferred Hearing Centers!”

– Hank K.
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“Weather it be fate, or a prayer answered by God, my Son(33) and myself ended up at Preferred Hearing upon a provider referral. It just happened to be that I took my son to Mark years ago for his hearing and hearing aid care….maybe 20 years ago. Not sure why we took another path because we were very happy in Marks care. I found him to be very knowledgable and compassionate. My son has a hearing loss from birth and has been wearing aids since he was 2.5 years old.

Over the last 15 years or so, my son became lazy and only wore 1 hearing aid and couldn’t hear to his maximum potential. As every parent should know, you can’t make your children do anything they don’t want to. Just recently my son decided he did want to hear to his maximum potential, and this desire of his lead us to Preferred Hearing and the wonderful staff there. The experience started with calling and making the appointment with Barbara. I could tell immediately by the care and compassion in her voice that my son was going to be in good hands. At our initial appointment, Mark greeted us like a long lost family. He did remember us with a kind fondness and gave us a warm welcome. Mark put us in the hands of a very competent and caring hearing specialist, Jaycee. He conducted my son’s, very thorough, hearing test. He treated my son as an individual, and built a report and trust level that was beyond a 2 hour visit.

Jaycee gave us his professional recommendation on what hearing aids to purchase for my son’s hearing loss and lifestyle. The hearing aids were in 2 days later. I met my son there for his fitting and programming by Jaycee. One would have to be there to see the joy in my son’s eyes and the overwhelming thankfulness in my heart. Jaycee was emotional himself. My son left Preferred Hearing that afternoon already hearing things he hasn’t heard in 33 years. It’s been a week now with the new aides and my son has texted me almost daily with the great news of hearing so much more ……and with clarity.
Thank you so much Jaycee and the wonderful staff at Preferred hearing.”

– Sue C.
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“I received my new hearing aids through the East Colonial Preferred Hearing Center in December 2017. The testing of my hearing really helped both my wife and me to understand the current status of my hearing and the need for new hearing aids. Diane at the East Colonial office has been excellent in providing professional follow through care in the 7 months since I started using my new Rexton hearing aids. I highly recommend them to you.”

– John C.
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“I have been struggling with my mother for a few years, because she has been in denial of her hearing loss. I finally got tired of being at odds with her and made an appointment with Dr. Johnson. First all the staff member I spoke to via phone and in person were wonderful and very friendly. He was so kind, thoughtful and patient with me and my mother. He took his time and thoroughly explained his methods and the testing. By the end while not happy about the results my mother has accepted that there is a deficit in her hearing and is now willing to do something about it. I highly recommend this doctor.”

– NL
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“I had been with another hearing center and was not getting help with my profound hearing loss. In a last try I went to Preferred Hearing. The hearing testing was more extensive than Florida Hospital audiologist! My problem was documented and corrected with streaming bluetooth hearing aids. It has made my life so much more fun again. I can watch TV with other humans without the volume blowing them out of the room. I can go to dinner with friends and hear them talking. Highly recommend to anyone with hearing loss.”

– Alexis
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“Went to Preferred Hearing Center Winter Springs for a second opinion, first going to an ear, nose and throat doctor. Preferred Hearing had a more comprehensive hearing test than the medical doctors office. Purchased my hearing aides with Preferred Hearing, better pricing, great follow-up with continued service, and the folks there are WONDERFUL!”

– JC M.
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“The staff is very professional and friendly. They provide excellent, caring service. Definitely recommend this office!!”

– Alexis L.
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“Amazing staff! Very willing to work with us and will even do service calls at my aunt’s Assisted Living residence.”

– Charlotte R.
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“The entire Office from the top down are good people who know their products and keep a very neat and clean place of business.”

– Neal M.
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“Excellent happy with my hearing aids. Great care and service”

– Kathleen.
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“Everyone there is very friendly and helpful”

– Terry B.
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– Anne L.
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“Caring, efficient, clean and very educated in products.
Got my father’s hearing aids put back better than when they were new. Ha ha.
Staff was excellent, professional”

– Kathleen Q.
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“Mark and Jaysee are soooo good with Mom, who doesn’t take to people too well. They’ve earned her trust and that’s profound. Thank you for everything. I’d recommend you to anybody.”

– Jim P.
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“Current customer. Mark is very knowledgeable in his field. He selected hearing aids that match my lifestyle. Excellent customer service. Highly recommended.”

– Ray B.
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“Had a wonderful experience! Professionalism and mostly caring was a compelling factor for me to choose to learn to restore my hearing. Thank you!”

– Alejandra P.
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“My dear “mom” recently came to the Winter Springs location and was seen by Jaysee. It’s been a fabulous experience from the first call making the appointment to our one week check today! She loves HEARING, we love NOT repeating. Hearing aids are A win win for our family and Jaysee and Barbara at Preferred Hearing Centers are the BEST!”

– Jennifer P.
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“Mark and staff are excellent. It was a very enjoyable visit.”

– Ron H.
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As one of the premier hearing centers in Orlando and Winter Springs, FL, our Hearing Aid Specialists at Preferred Hearing Centers also provide 5-star-rated hearing care to patients from Oviedo, Casselberry, Winter Park, Kissimmee, Chuluota, Maitland & Altamonte Springs, FL, and surrounding areas.