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Patient Spotlight: The Boston’s

Ralph Boston is one of our many, many happy patients.

Ralph & Bette have been married over 70 years. They are from outside of Buffalo NY, but became full-time Floridians in the early 1960’s. Ralph is 95 and Bette is a few years younger.

We always love seeing this special couple in our office, because they are both always smiling and full of joy and say they really appreciate the care that we give them throughout the year.

Thank you for trusting us with your hearing healthcare needs, Ralph & Bette!



‘In my neighborhood, easy to find, and very professional.’

Bill first realized he had a hearing loss when he stopped hearing his favorite sound – the birds. As someone who loved the sound of nature in the morning, he knew he had to do something about it soon.

While he was a little bit apprehensive before visiting Preferred Hearing Centers, his only fear was “the worry about how bad my loss might be.”

What initially drew him was the locality of Preferred Hearing Centers, as it was “in my neighborhood, easy to find, and very professional.”

Since having his hearing aids fitted, there have been many changes to his life, including “better hearing and increased enjoyment of all sounds.”

He has one message to others in his position, “Don’t hesitate another minute.”

Bill Froom


‘Great reception and friendly staff’

Often in a space where multiple conversations are occurring, Linda first recognized that she had a hearing loss at work. She found that a co-worker three cubes away could say something and she would have to ask them to repeat themselves. To her, that was a mortifying experience.

What she noticed about Preferred Hearing Centers was the “great reception” and “friendly staff,”adding, “Dr. is very open and makes you feel comfortable.”

When asked how hearing aids have impacted her life, she adds, “Greatly. My kids don’t have to repeat themselves several times.”

Based on her experience with us, she would absolutely recommend Preferred Hearing Centers to others.

Linda Gray


‘Couldn’t live without them’

Steve is an avid shooter, but he sadly developed a hearing loss after shooting his M-1 a little too close range.

Not one to sit around and suffer, he decided to visit Preferred Hearing Centers and get treatment.

Steve immediately felt comfortable and was impressed by the “competence, kindness, and expertise” of the staff.

After choosing his hearing aids and adjusting to life with them, he now says that he “couldn’t live without them” and urges anyone who may be suffering with a hearing loss to just “go for it” and get checked out, as there’s no point in suffering in silence. Literally!

Steve Brown


‘What stood out was the politeness of all the staff and their willingness to answer all my questions’

Often complaining to his wife about the TV volume, it was a regular occurrence for James to “ask her to repeat what she was saying,” or even worse, “speak louder.”

Understandably, he had his preconceived beliefs and fears, worried that “they would just sell me on a hearing aid, and it would be the last time I see them.”

To James’ surprise, he was completely wrong. There was one thing clear about Preferred Hearing Centers, and that was the “politeness of all the staff and their willingness to answer all my questions.”

For someone who was initially concerned, his life has changed completely since wearing hearing aids. They have put him in a “completely new comfort zone of living.” Now, he doesn’t have to pretend he heard what is being said, and he can understand the conversation clearly.

He adds, “I’ve tried other hearing clinics, but none were more considerate and continued to assist me after the purchase.”



‘Preferred Hearing Centers is a very nice, clean, and professional office, and Mark and his staff are all very personable’

Angelo was diagnosed with a hearing loss at 6 months old and has been wearing hearing aids ever since. His philosophy in life is “wanting to hear better and enjoy life is nothing to be ashamed of,” which is why he’s a firm advocate for getting checked out early.

After experiencing a few difficulties with his hearing aids, he decided to seek help. Mark Johnson at Preferred Hearing Centers came very highly recommended to Angelo, and upon meeting, Angelo felt “very comfortable” with him.

Angelo continued to be impressed by the service he received, and said, “Preferred Hearing Centers is a very nice, clean, and professional office, and Mark and his staff are all very personable.”

Angelo also appreciated Mark’s friendly and “non-pushy” attitude, as he feels Mark gave him recommendations entirely tailored to him, which has resulted in Angelo now wearing hearing aids that are perfect for his hearing loss.

“I can’t go about my daily life without them now. The hearing aids Mark made for me are the best I’ve ever had. I can now hear a lot more high-frequency sounds, which I couldn’t before, and these hearing aids are so much more comfortable to wear.”

Angelo highly recommends Preferred Hearing Centers, rating them 10/10 and says, “I wouldn’t recommend any other hearing aid specialist in Orlando. Have a consultation with Mark and see for yourself how much better life can be with better hearing.”

Angelo Cane


‘Call Preferred Hearing Centers; they will help restore your self-confidence.’

Most conscious about how they would look, Richard was worried that the hearing aids would be “visible” and he “would be embarrassed to wear them.”

As he previously knew Mark and Brenda, he was aware of the level of professionalism he was expecting to receive, and he was not wrong.

The biggest change hearing aids have made to his life has been in meetings, as he can now understand what is being said and can “hear the TV at a normal volume.”

He has one message to others in his position, “Call Preferred Hearing Centers; they will help restore your self-confidence.”

Richard Holland


‘I am much more likely to join in conversations. I hear phone calls so much better since they come through the hearing aids.’

Collette realized she had an issue with her hearing when she repeatedly answered questions she thought had been asked, only to see a very confused person looking back.

She decided to visit Preferred Hearing Centers after her insurance carrier recommended them.

Initially, she was very impressed.

“The staff was very knowledgeable, scheduling was quick and easy, and it was very thorough testing!”

Since receiving her diagnosis of a hearing loss and working with the team to find the perfect hearing aids for Collette, she says, “I am much more likely to join in conversations. I hear phone calls so much better since they come through the hearing aids. The dialogue on the TV is much clearer and I can listen at a lower volume.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Preferred Hearing Centers, as the change for me has been nothing short of dramatic.”



‘My life has improved greatly’

Ron first realized he had a hearing challenge when he noticed how often he was asking his wife to repeat herself. He also felt that he was missing many key points in group discussions.

With encouragement from his wife, he decided to get his hearing checked out and chose Preferred Hearing Centers as the place to do it.

Ron’s first impressions were that the “office personnel were very friendly and courteous,” and he was delighted to see that his “hearing evaluation was very detailed with a complete explanation at the end.”

Upon learning that he would benefit from hearing aids, Ron worked with the team to choose the best ones, and he states, “My life has improved greatly.”

Rating Preferred Hearing Centers 9/10, Ron encourages anyone who might be having issues with their hearing to get tested.

Ron Vernooy


‘Nice, friendly, and clean’

Allan realized he had a hearing challenge around 5 years ago, so he decided to go to Preferred Hearing Centers to get it checked out.

His first impression was that the office was “nice, friendly, and clean,” which certainly helped him feel relaxed.

After having a hearing assessment, it was clear that Allan needed hearing aids, which the team at Preferred Hearing Centers took great care to ensure he received the right ones.

When asked how the hearing aids have impacted Allan’s life, he admits that he is still adjusting. However, life with hearing aids is much improved over life without them.

As someone who needlessly suffered with a hearing challenge for years before seeking professional help, Allan urges anyone who thinks they might have problems with their hearing to “get checked out” as soon as possible, as the improvements to life with better hearing are totally worth it.

Allan rates his experience with Preferred Hearing Centers 10/10.

Allan Bryson


‘Highly recommends Preferred Hearing Centers’

As a business owner, communication is everything, which meant that when Clyde discovered he was struggling to hear his clients properly, he knew something had to be done.

By his own admission, it took Clyde a few years to do something about it.However, he finally chose to tackle his problem head on and sought the help from Preferred Hearing Centers.

Clyde’s first impression of Preferred Hearing Centers was that the team and the environment were very professional, and he was grateful that the hearing test proved his suspicions that he did in fact have a hearing loss.

After working with the team, Clyde got the best advice for his personal situation and started enjoying life a lot more with the assistance of his hearing aids.

In a busy office environment, Clyde is so grateful to be able to communicate properly again and can even “carry on conversations without having to ask Can you repeat that? while also being able to hear conversations at the other end of the office,”which he couldn’t do before.

Clyde urges anyone who may be struggling with their hearing to get checked out and “highly recommends” Preferred Hearing Centers.

Clyde F. Watson


‘Without a doubt, the ONLY provider I can recommend is Preferred Hearing Centers’

Joanne immediately felt comfortable when she came to Preferred Hearing Centers and was “confident in the expertise and knowledge” of Mark Johnson.

“From my initial call, I felt like I was their only priority. They were very accommodating in every function.”

After working together to find the right hearing aids for Joanne, she “never questioned Mark’s recommendations,” and although she was initially concerned about the appearance of hearing aids, she feels more confident than ever with them.

“My new hearing aids have made life bearable! I can hear extremely well.”

Joanne S. Kelley Watson


‘They will make you feel at ease. They don’t rush you in and out and they are nice, efficient, and friendly people.’

Like many others, Joan realized she may have a hearing loss when she struggled to hear conversations in a crowd and found herself trying to lip read. She also had to turn the sound up on the TV a lot more than usual or used closed captioning.

Upon visiting Preferred Hearing Centers, she enjoyed the “comfortable and friendly atmosphere”and was grateful to finally identify the problem and worked with the team to find the perfect set of hearing aids.

She felt the process was “easy” and she “adjusted to the hearing aids very quickly.”

Since wearing the hearing aids, Joan says they have helped her to “be able to make new friends, as I am able to talk to people properly again.”

When asked what she thought of Preferred Hearing Centers, she said, “They will make you feel at ease. They don’t rush you in and out and they are nice, efficient, and friendly people. 10/10.”

Joan Young


‘Happy and friendly atmosphere’

Ted started to be concerned that he may have a hearing loss after speaking with his wife, who agreed he should get checked out.

After receiving numerous recommendations to visit Preferred Hearing Centers, he decided to visit them and was impressed by the “happy and friendly” atmosphere.

His hearing test confirmed that he had a mild hearing loss.After working with the team, he decided he would invest in hearing aids, as his mantra is, “Life should be about enjoying what you hear,”and he wasn’t going to settle for anything less.

He now enjoys being able to speak to his wife without having to ask her to repeat herself all the time!

Ted Nelson


‘I was impressed with the amount of time spent on my first visit’

While Alli understood he had difficulty hearing people in conversation, it was only until his hearing began to affect his work life that he realized he needed to do something.

Initially worried that his “high-frequency hearing loss could not be fixed with hearing aids,” he also worried that the hearing aids would “interfere with my skills and equipment used as a healthcare provider.”

Alli was immediately impressed with “the amount of time spent on my first visit, ensuring a thorough assessment was done to evaluate my degree of hearing loss.”

Since having his hearing aids professionally fitted, he adds, “My life has been drastically improved.” This led to a positive chain of events, allowing him to “perform better” at his job and “feel more confident in social conversational situations.”



‘My hearing is much better’

Marion first realized he had a hearing loss when he noticed the quality of voices was different. Often asking others to repeat themselves, he knew he had to do something soon and couldn’t bear the thought of asking others to speak up again.

However, with so many different hearing aids on the market, he was “uncertain about the various advantages and disadvantages of the different types.”

While he didn’t know much about hearing aids, he was immediately comforted by the “professionalism of the audiologists.” It was a life changing moment.

Since having hearing aids, his life has changed in many ways. In particular, his hearing in groups is “so much better” and with not having to bother with batteries, he finds “it’s much less of a handicap.”

To summarize his experience with Preferred Hearing Centers, he adds, “My experience with Preferred Hearing Centers has been very good; the only problem is the commuting distance which, in this megalopolis, is considerable, and hard to get used to.”

Marion W. Hylton


‘I can hear conversations much better’

Looking back, Bob recalls that he had a hearing loss “years ago.” Although, it wasn’t until he visited Preferred Hearing Centers that he realized the severity of his concerns.

While it can be intimidating visiting a hearing healthcare clinic for the first time, he immediately noticed how “professional” the whole team is and he trusted them completely.

Since having hearing aids, he can now “hear conversations much better” and encourages others to “trust them.”

Bob Martin


‘Nice and caring people’

Joyce understood that she had a hearing loss, as she was constantly asking others to repeat themselves. However, like many others, she didn’t understand the level of hearing loss she was suffering with.

Eager to do something about her hearing, the first thing she noticed was that all of the team members were “nice and caring people.”

When asked her advice to others, she has one simple message, “Go for it.”



‘Don’t buy into the stigma of wearing hearing aids. You wouldn’t go out without your glasses, right?’

Sue, who has had a hearing impairment since birth, has learned to accept her hearing loss, describing it as just “living with it.”

This meant that she was no outlier to hearing aids, adding, “I would never be without a hearing aid. I would miss too much.”

For Sue, her hearing aids are her daily armor, and she physically “cannot live without them.”

She believes that your hearing has a big impact on your mental well-being, as “when you hear better, you feel better.”

What she loves the most about private healthcare is that she has “the same audiologist every time I go. Thanks, Mark!”

While hearing aids have made a big impact on her life, Sue understands that others are still wary. She has one message for others who are unsure, “Don’t buy into the stigma of wearing hearing aids. You wouldn’t go out without your glasses, right?”

Sue believes that “Preferred Hearing Centers is the place to go.” Naturally, she has been to quite a few hearing centers, and she doesn’t like how“ their audiologists change over so much.”

She believes that makes a huge difference to your experience, as“ you won’t get someone who truly knows you.”

That, alone, is why she stayed with Preferred Hearing Centers and not elsewhere.



‘The Dr. was super caring and so was his assistant. I never felt rushed.’

Several years ago, Patricia noticed she“ could not fully understand what people were saying.” This was a problem that, naturally, exacerbated in a crowded situation.

While she could avoid certain situations for a while and disguise her hearing loss, she knew she needed hearing aids. It wasn’t long until she was “referred to Preferred Hearing Centers.”

Since visiting Preferred Hearing Centers, she was amazed at the professionalism of all the staff, adding,“ They were excellent, far better than the audiologists I saw previously.”

What stood out the most was that she “never had such a full scaled hearing test.”

Patricia noticed that “the Dr. was super caring and so was his assistant. I never felt rushed.”

Since having hearing aids, Patricia’s life has completely changed, adding, “I can’t believe all of the things I am hearing now. It does make my life much easier. I do not have to keep asking people to repeat themselves. I love it. I can even hear chirping birds.”

Patricia has one piece of advice for others, “I would say go right away for true professional, understanding, and caring care.”

Patricia Santella


‘Give it a try, you can’t go wrong’

Nancy first came to terms with her hearing loss when she realized she couldn’t understand what people were saying. To her, it was all “gibberish” and it sounded like “they were speaking a foreign language.”

Like many others, she associated hearing aids with “getting old.” However, when she visited Preferred Hearing Centers, she understood it was so much more than that.

The first thing she noticed was how “warm” and “friendly” the whole team was, adding “they are a good Christian business.”

Since then, she can now “hear and understand what is being said” and is “much happier.”

Nancy encourages others to “give it a try, you can’t go wrong.”


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