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Rechargeable Hearing Aids with Lithium-Ion Batteries

No More Fiddling With Batteries!

Rechargeable hearing aids now use long-lasting Lithium-Ion batteries, and are available only in the most popular RIC (Receiver-In-Canal) behind-the-ear hearing systems.

One of the advantages of the Lithium-Ion Rechargeable systems is that the hearing aids are completely sealed and have a very high moisture resistance rating, which will lead to longer hearing aid life and better performance. There are no custom in-the-ear rechargeable options currently available from any major manufacturer.


Why Lithium-Ion Batteries?

Lithium-ion battery technology is creeping into all gadgets – and hearing aids are no exception. Why? – because lithium-ion batteries charge quicker, last longer per charge, and the batteries do not degrade over time. Lithium-ion batteries are now integrated into hearing aids, and the user no longer has to change the batteries every week. Rechargeable hearing aids work well with Blue-Tooth streaming from cell phones also. The rechargeable batteries will last 24-30 hours of use per day, and are kept in the charger overnight each day for re-charging.

Below we take a look at the latest RIC rechargeable hearing systems available.


Recommended Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Hearing Aids

ReSound Quattro: Lithium-Ion

ReSound launched the latest LiNX Quattro lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aid in 2019, offering ‘made for iphone’ technology. So the Linx Quattro was one of the first all-encompassing technology’ lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aid systems.

The portable charger holds a charge for 5-7 travel days, and can recharge the hearing aids 3 times without being plugged in, when traveling or camping. Battery lasts 4-5 years before needing to be replaced.

Resound also has the very best free cell phone app in the industry that acts as an advanced remote control allowing many user options.

LiNX Quattro rechargeable hearing aids


Phonak: Lithium-Ion

Phonak entered the rechargeable hearing aid market in 2017 – with the Audeo B-R (receiver-in-canal), Bolero B-PR and Naida-B-R (BTE models) and they have a good range to choose from.

The most recent product is the  Phonak Audeo Marvel – lithium-ion rechargeable which has the first ever ‘made for android and iPhone‘ hearing aid streaming compatibility.

3 hours charge gives a full day’s use. The battery lasts 4-5 years before needing to be replaced.


Phonak Marvel comes with the standard charger, and Phonak also offers a mini-charger option (an additional charge) with the hearing aids.

Phonak has a basic cell phone app that allows volume changes only.


Signia: Lithium-Ion

The current rechargeable hearing aids by Sivantos include Signia Pure Charge & Go, the larger BTE Signia Motion Charge&Go, and the ultra slim Signia Styletto and Signia Styletto Connect.

Charger gives 19 hours of use on one full charge. A full charge takes 3 hours. Portable charger holds 4 days of cable free charging power. Batteries lasts 2 years before expiring – the hearing aids will need to be returned for upgrade (a charge may apply if the warranty has expired).

The Signia My Control cell phone app allows the user control of volume and program changes.

  •      Signia Styletto Hearing Aids


Starkey Muse iQ-R: Lithium-Ion

Starkey’s first foray into the world of lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids came in 2018 – the MUSE iQ-R RIC (receiver-in-canal) hearing aid.

Portable charger can charge the hearing aids for 3 days without plugging in. Charging gives up to 30 hours of wearing use AND streaming. The optional mini-turbo charger provides 3.5 hours use in just 7 minutes of charging!

Starkey’s cell phone app for their Rechargeable hearing systems is called the Thrive Hearing Control app for the Livio line.


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I cannot say enough excellent things about Jaycee and Barbara at Preferred Hearing. The staff is so kind and Jaycee took a lot of time with me to be sure I understood every test and reviewing all my options for hearing devices. I’ve only had my hearing aids one week, but it’s been a life changing week! Best decision I ever made coming to Preferred Hearing. (I am 80 years young again) - Mary Ann A. mary ann a review

Great team at the Winter Springs office. Knowledgeable, professional, friendly, outgoing and that's just the beginning. Barbara at the front desk is a sweetheart. Jaysee is THE professional you want to adjust your hearing aids. He can translate your hearing issues into adjustments that work. Highly recommend this group Hearing Professionals.

- Thomas K.
thomas k review

I was impressed with the great detail of the hearing examination. I was a little skeptical about hearing aids but the staff is very professional and very experienced. I purchased a great set of hearing aids that have changed my life so I can hear so much better! They did not try to upsell me or sell me a pair that was extra expensive. They only showed me what I needed for my hearing aids. I highly recommend Preferred Hearing Centers!

- Hank K.
hank review

I had been with another hearing center and was not getting help with my profound hearing loss. In a last try I went to Preferred Hearing. The hearing testtng was more extensive than Florida Hospital audiologist! My problem was documented and corrected with streaming bluetooth hearing aids. It has made my life so much more fun again. I can watch TV with other humans without the volume blowing them out of the room. I can go to dinner with friends and hear them talking. Highly recommend to anyone with hearing loss!

- Alexis G.
alexis g review

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