Do you remember when you first got fitted with hearing aids? What was it like to witness sounds you forgot existed?

For many people, this is an emotional experience. Our Senior Specialist and co-owner Mark Johnson knows this well, having helped tens of thousands of patients over the past 28 years.

“Recently, we had several patients with severe hearing loss who were brought to tears during our testing procedure as they realized why they’d been facing difficulties,” he says.

“But those tears soon turned to joy as soon as we fit them with hearing aids!”

Despite hearing aids’ amazing potential, new challenges have arisen during the pandemic, which has led wearers to seek extra assistance.

A Multi-Mic is one accessory that has been useful to so many with moderately-severe or worse hearing.

What is a Multi-Mic?

A Multi Mic is the perfect accessory for hearing aid wearers who are struggling to understand others with face masks.

That’s because these amazing devices can be fastened onto someone’s clothing, letting you amplify their individual voice significantly, and that signal is then streamed wireless to the hearing aids.

Many of our patients have taken advantage of this technology, including Carol, who clipped a mic onto her pastor’s jacket so she could understand him more clearly.

Multi-Mics are available from a variety of different manufacturers. If you’d like to learn more, call us at one of the centers.

One of our specialists will happily schedule some time to show you how they work in practice.

Updates from the Office 

Everyone at Preferred Hearing Centers is thrilled to welcome our two new specialists, Alison Brooks, to the East Orlando office and Iris Lazo to our Winter Springs office.

Both have fantastic professional experience and have settled in well with their respective teams. If you haven’t seen them already, they can’t wait to meet you.

Our Hearing Health Awareness Month, held throughout August, was fantastic. We hope you saw our articles, social media posts, and other material. 

But it’s still crucial to spread awareness – particularly concerning the value of regular check-ups.

Importantly, all patients should still be coming to our offices every four months for their hearing aid Dry-Cleaning service and ear exam for wax build-up.

If you need to book an appointment, contact us at one of the offices, and we’ll schedule you in as soon as possible.

We’re open Monday through Friday, with a full staff!

Why Hearing Treatments Are Effective Against Helping to Prevent the Early Onset of Dementia

Not long ago, 28 leading health experts met to outline how cases of dementia could be reduced by forty percent in America.

One of their key recommendations was that people protect their hearing when experiencing loud sounds and treat conditions swiftly with hearing aids.

Studies show there is a close link between dementia and hearing loss.

That’s because our brains require a constant stream of information from the world around us to function correctly.

When we can’t hear sounds, it can impact our cognitive abilities, and other hearing loss side effects, such as social isolation, can further worsen this issue.

As a consequence, it’s important to get tested and treated if you have any signs of hearing loss. Contact the team now, and they’ll be happy to schedule you an appointment.

Patient Resources

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Mark D. Johnson, HAS, BC-HIS, A.C.A.

Mark began his career in the hearing healthcare field in 1993 with a major hearing aid/care provider. He opened his own practice in 1994 in Orlando, Fl.  In 1995, he became board-certified, and through continued training received his A.C.A. credentialing as a certified audioprosthologist in 1997. He has conducted many hearing educational workshops, both for professionals and for the general public, and trained many individuals in the hearing healthcare field.