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Contemporary hearing aids are getting more intelligent by the day. Unlike hearing aids of the past, today’s devices are digital, allowing them to run complex programs to help you hear. Powerful computer chips in your hearing aids analyze and change the sounds you hear, customizing them to fit your unique hearing needs so you can hear more and worry less. Not only are hearing aids becoming smarter, they’re also becoming more compatible with your other technology, through Bluetooth wireless streaming. When it comes to your listening experience with hearing aids, if you’ve ever thought “I wish there was an app for that,” now there probably is.

Subtitles Viewer!

One of our favorite hearing apps is the Subtitles Viewer!, an amazing app that provides subtitles for thousands of movies and TV shows. When you’re at home, finding subtitles on your computer is easy. But what about when you’re at a friend’s house, or at the cinema? Subtitles Viewer! is an easy to use app that allows you to find the subtitles you want with just a couple clicks. All the subtitles come from the website, and can be accessed in English, French, Spanish and German.

Jacoti ListenApp

The Jacoti ListenApp is perfect for anyone who needs a hearing app to give you a little boost when it comes to hearing audio on your phone. Is the internal sound on your phone or tablet too low even when it’s on high? Do you have trouble hearing audio during a phone call, or when watching a YouTube clip? The Jacoti ListenApp will amplify sounds to make it easy for you to hear any audio on your phone. It also has a feature to help you hear external sounds, if you need a little boost when following conversations.

Convo – VRS

This useful hearing app is used by many in the deaf and hard of hearing community to make calls easier. This app helps you place VRS, or Video Relay Service calls, allowing you to connect with others using a third-party sign language translator. Simply place a call using Convo-VRS and you’ll be automatically connected to a translator who will help you communicate with hearing people in real time. As long as you have an internet connection, direct video calls will be a breeze.

Deaf Wake

Tired of missing your alarm in the mornings and rushing to get to work on time? Download Deaf Wake, and you’ll never sleep through your alarm again. Rather than relying on sound, this app uses your LED light, vibration, flashing screen, or camera flash as well as sound to get you going in the mornings. Whatever it takes to get you up on time, Deaf Wake has you covered. You can even use several of these settings at once, so you can sleep easily knowing you’ll wake up when you need to. It also connects to your Apple Watch, keeping you on track and on time.


If you’re concerned for your safety, or have been missing warning sounds that should be keeping you safe, BeWarned is the app for you. It detects danger sounds that might be out of your range of hearing, such as a fire alarm, a car honking, sirens, or even someone yelling. The Sound Monitor then notifies you with a visual notification, so you’ll be aware of any danger around you. And if you find yourself in an emergency situation and needing to communicate with someone, BeWarned also has a feature that converts speech to text, so you won’t have to worry about struggling to follow what’s being said. BeWarned has one more setting that’s not about danger. In Dance mode, BeWarned plays your favorite songs while adding vibration and lights for a more interactive listening experience.

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The future of hearing isn’t just about the device you wear, it’s also about connectivity. Your hearing aids connect you to the people around you, but increasingly, today’s devices allow you to connect to all your technology too, from your smartphone to your computer, TV, radio, and smart watch. Along with these apps, many hearing aids have their own apps that give you full control over your hearing devices, allowing you to tailor your hearing experience.

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