Although some things are thankfully returning to normal, the increase in local COVID-19 cases means that wearing a face covering in a health care setting is still a requirement by the CDC, regardless of your vaccination status.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention emphasized that its new masking recommendations for people fully vaccinated against COVID-19 do not apply to health care settings. The CDC said, “This means that staff, patients, residents, and visitors should continue to wear masks as recommended in all healthcare facilities.”

As Florida’s most trusted hearing experts, all rules are being closely followed to keep you, other patients, and the rest of our community safe.

Our hope is that things can return to normal as soon as possible, but with the rising cases in the Delta variant and following CDC guidelines, heightened safety protocols are being followed.

This includes:

  • Face coverings being worn by all patients, visitors, and our team
  • Hand sanitizer is available upon arrival for all visitors
  • Thorough cleanings between appointments (something that never stopped)
  • Minimized waiting times with more spaced-out scheduling
  • Spread out waiting rooms so there’s never more than two people in a waiting room at any one time

We appreciate your understanding and patience during these continuously challenging times and join you in hoping that these measures will be returned to normal one day soon.

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Mark D. Johnson, HAS, BC-HIS, A.C.A.

Mark began his career in the hearing healthcare field in 1993 with a major hearing aid/care provider. He opened his own practice in 1994 in Orlando, Fl.  In 1995, he became board-certified, and through continued training received his A.C.A. credentialing as a certified audioprosthologist in 1997. He has conducted many hearing educational workshops, both for professionals and for the general public, and trained many individuals in the hearing healthcare field.