With the help of the internet and various online resources, there are many options you can investigate if you are experiencing a hearing loss.

While there are many credible resources on the internet, there are just as many non-accredited sites that are just out to make a buck.

Born out of this mentality are online hearing aids. They are designed to only amplify sound and do not consider the patient’s specific needs. In short, they lack the technology that hearing aids have.

Online hearing aids are not for everyone and it’s important to know why.

We see many patients with questions and concerns after doing some research, and we are happy to answer all of them.

Online Hearing Aids vs. Hearing Aids

Online hearing aids — are devices that simply amplify ALL sounds. They are not designed to be a substitute for professionally fitted and programmed hearing aids. They can be bought over the counter at many local pharmacies without a prescription.

More importantly, they can be bought without any kind of evaluation or advice as to which one to buy or what to do when you get it.

Having to fit and adjust them yourself may not improve your hearing at all, or it may possibly do more harm than good.

People are targeted by online marketers trying to make a buck.

Some people are allured by cheap prices as a way of saving money compared to professional services and true quality hearing aid fittings.

Most people who buy cheap online “hearing aids” soon find out that they don’t work and they end up in the drawer.

Consequently, that person is still far away from getting the proper care and fitting that they need.   

Hearing Aids — Hearing aids need to be programmed according to a person’s hearing loss after being professionally tested and evaluated.

Having a professional evaluation can also detect or prevent serious hearing health issues from developing.

Who Benefits from Online Hearing Aids?

If a person was unable to come to our office, then an online hearing aid would be better than nothing.

For people who have a very mild hearing loss, then they could also see improvement but most likely it will only last a short while as your hearing loss progresses.

Anyone who cares enough to get help for their hearing should go to a professional for that help.

What to Do Next?

Schedule an appointment for an evaluation.

What options are best cannot be determined until we do a complete and thorough hearing evaluation.

At our practice, we have over 7,000 options available from 10 different hearing aid manufacturers. We call online hearing aids “TOYS” because people are just toying around with their hearing.

Most people don’t toy around with their eyes, teeth, heart, back, diabetes, etc., so it is disappointing when people don’t take the need for professional care of their hearing seriously.

Seek help now, and recommend the same to your friends, family, and co-workers.

The benefits you will enjoy will make you say, “Why didn’t I do this a long time ago?”

We offer free in-home hearing testing and fitting of hearing aids for those who are not able to come to the office due to health reasons. 

We make sure to complete a thorough evaluation of not only your physical hearing issues but also your overall hearing lifestyle.

By investigating your daily environments, we can program a hearing aid to specifically target your most troubling situations.

This is where today’s technology and advances are evident.

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Mark D. Johnson, HAS, BC-HIS, A.C.A.

Mark began his career in the hearing healthcare field in 1993 with a major hearing aid/care provider. He opened his own practice in 1994 in Orlando, Fl.  In 1995, he became board-certified, and through continued training received his A.C.A. credentialing as a certified audioprosthologist in 1997. He has conducted many hearing educational workshops, both for professionals and for the general public, and trained many individuals in the hearing healthcare field.