During Hearing Health Awareness Month, the team is doing all they can to show the community why it’s important to treat hearing loss early.

This is a topic that everyone at Preferred Hearing Centers feels passionate about, and it’s never been so important.

Not just in Florida, but across America, hearing loss is on the rise.

Data from John Hopkins University suggests that the number with a condition will almost double to 75 million by 2060.

Our specialists can have a life-changing effect on someone’s experience of the world.

These are the key reasons why people often decide to avoid treatments that can make huge differences.

It’s not obvious

One of the most common reasons why people don’t reach out to a professional about a hearing loss is that they don’t recognize the symptoms.

That’s because hearing loss often occurs gradually, without someone knowing.

Over several years, it’s common to adopt coping mechanisms, like lip-reading, which allow you to remain active as your hearing declines.

But often people find this method of communication exhausting, as it requires constant focus.

Some of the first signs of hearing loss are often picked-up by close family members.

These can include turning the TV up above a level that’s normal or asking for loved ones to repeat themselves in daily conversations.

If you know someone who might be struggling with a hearing loss, it’s important that they seek assistance rapidly.

Each passing month a condition is left untreated, it will likely worsen.

What’s the investment?

Another reason that people don’t feel ready to treat their hearing loss is they’re concerned about the level of investment treatment might require.

But many people don’t place the overarching value of healthy hearing into this equation.

A hearing loss won’t just affect your ability to perceive sounds. It will affect a number of your other faculties as well.

Researchers suggest severe conditions lead to cognitive decline in children and adults, with dementia also linked to untreated issues.

In addition, those with hearing loss can experience mental and social problems, as difficulties with communication result in further complications.

The good news is that hearing aids have come down in price over the past few decades and are now in reach of everyone.

Many health insurers will cover either part or all of the costs of treatment.

The team at Preferred Hearing Centers works hard to make sure that every single patient receives a solution that is right for them.

Are you concerned about hearing loss or know someone who is? Contact the team at Preferred Hearing Centers and they’ll offer rapid, professional advice.